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Angels Discovery Circles Initiative

Ikorodu, Nigeria

Partners A-E

Angels Discovery Circles Initiative (Ikorodu, Nigeria)

Angels Discovery Circles Initiative is a non-profit organization spurred through an inward conviction that services to humanity in total self abandonment is the key to living a fulfilled life and building a better world. Ever since, the organization has been in the fore front of rendering humanitarian services to mankind. We believe in a sickness, poverty and illiterate free world, we see possibilities as against the rampaging demoralized, deprived, disillusioned, perplexed and misinformed world of today. We are Gods moral agents of transformational change which cuts across all spheres of life, pointing to health and environment as the organizations diadem.

Angels Discovery Circles Initiative is the coming together of top medical professionals, practicing doctors, health care administrators, lecturers from leading universities in the medical profession, researchers and core scientists, environmental and humanitarian professionals, and undergraduates in the medical profession.

Angels Discovery Circles Initiative is a platform where people with the notion to serve humanity in providing healthcare, humanitarian services such as awareness creation, skill acquisition programs, redressing the moral decadence in our nation today, drug abuse and alcohol addicted rehabilitation programs, and more especially presenting to the world alternatives and remedies to all health challenges through incessant research and studies.



Ikorodu, Nigeria



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