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Animals Love Friendship

Marietta, GA, USA

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Animals Love Friendship (Marietta, GA, USA)

It is a book that has integrated in every page knowledge, wisdom and beauty. It guides you through the eyes of a mother into a world of autism in a very kind and understanding way! - Gerson Guzman


When Ivonne Hernandez's oldest son, Eric, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, Ms. Hernandez discovered that she had been given a new opportunity to become a better person, to learn and practice patience, and foster unconditional love. Most of all, she learned to never surrender to pain or give up on what she want to accomplish.

Ms Hernandez realized that she had a chance to write a book, not just for children but for everyone, to teach them about life, dreams, and hope. Eric, now 17 years old, has been her best teacher, her most challenging student, and her inspiration to become a better mom. He has also guided her to discover the treasures inside herself, like her artistic talents and abilities. Eric’s special qualities have inspired her to make one of her biggest dreams come true. Here you are, holding it in your hands: a children’s book created by Eric, his brother Ivan, and Ms. Hernandez. Eric created the illustrations of Animals Love Friendship along with the title; he likes BIG animals so much that he would like to be a zoo-keeper when he grows up. Each animal represents different personalities and human characteristics, such as strength, patience and determination. Some of these creatures  are seen in mythology, as well as ancient and modern civilizations as totems or symbols of protection and in storytelling.

Attributes of each animal in this book represent the characteristics of children with autism and also the abilities and virtues that everyone should aspire to achieve to better relate and understand autism and the world around them.

This book puts autism in "friendly" terms - kids and adults alike are able to grasp at some of the characteristics that a child with autism may possess. As a professional in the field, I commend Ivonne for the advocate she is for her son and the voice she has worked to give all the children with autism by creating a visually stunning and accessible book that can teach kids and adults alike about loving someone with autism. - Sara K. Costello

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Marietta, Georgia, USA