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Merritt Island, FL, USA

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Aquaterra (Merritt Island, FL, USA)

As Peace Porpoise founder and author of The Peace Prophecy trilogy, Dr. Elaine Christine has a mission to bring peace to every mind. Christine is an international keynote speaker and expert in managing risk. The foundation of the Peace Process is a Six-Discipline Model of the mind that is described in her textbook, Managing Risk: Methods for Software Systems Development, published in 1998. She earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Florida Tech (1995) and graduated from the Yoga College of India (1999). She studied A Course in Miracles, and The Way of Mastery and is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. Dedicated to uplifting humanity to the new Peace Consciousness, Christine trains Peacemakers and mentors Peace Process facilitators. She teaches yoga, plays the piano, and prays the rosary in devotion to the Blessed Mother. Elaine holds a Private Pilot License, and is listed in Who’s Who in American Universities & Colleges.

The Peace Process was inspired after Elaine attended a spiritual conference in Miami. Everyone seemed to want World Peace, but nobody had a plan. She had the idea to run the thought of World Peace on the Six-Discipline Model recently published in her textbook, Managing Risk. The Six-Discipline Model of the mind can run any thought—its shape is like a pyramid on paper. She wrote World Peace at the top and changed the generic process to a specific thought of peace and love. Later, she realized the process for World Peace was the same as Inner Peace—the model scales from universal to personal! Since that time, the Peace Process has been taught on land and sea in Florida, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas. Certified Peace Process Facilitators are trained to bring inner peace to families, groups, and individuals though a 1-hour Peace Process session.

Peace Porpoise is the Peace Process designed as an educational rainbow journey for children. Dr. Christine hosts a Children’s Council on World Peace for children ages five to thirteen. They Discover the cause of conflict in the world and Envision what peace on Earth might look like. The children Plan to create a friendly planet and make it beautiful. They Work to send peace and love to countries around the world and animals that come to mind. On a scale of zero to ten, the children Measure how much love was sent. Then they Value their fun time sending peace and love to the planet.

Merritt Island, Florida, USA