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Art of Ceremony

Penzance, CON, UK

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Art of Ceremony (Penzance, CON, United Kingdom)

My name is Claire Lucas. I have always been passionate about creativity, and have been living and working as an artist, teacher and workshop facilitator in West Cornwall, UK, for over 25 years.

The Art of Ceremony has evolved out of my interest in the celebratory, healing and growthful potential of creativity. In a world where "busyness" and materialism have become the norm, working creatively offers us the opportunity to reconnect to heart and soul; to add meaning to and make sense of our lives.

Everyone can be doesn't have to be a matter of talent or training; it can simply be about finding playful and heartful ways to express yourself. It is one of my greatest joys to support and witness this profound and enriching process; to find ways, to give space, to listen to soul-whispers.

I currently offer 4 Art of Ceremony programmes:

  • The Art of Finding Your Own Path: One-to-one creative life coaching
  • Art of Change: Inspiring and empowering ongoing support groups and weekend workshops for women in their menopausal years
  • Finding the Artist Within: Monthly group sessions and weekend workshops for people who want to deepen their relationship with their creative self, remove blocks to their flow of inspiration, develop strategies for creating time and space for the Artist Within and nurture a fulfilling creative practice that fits effortlessly into their life.
  • Nurturing the Nurturer: One off workshops to nourish and replenish those who spend most of their time looking after other people.



Penzance, UK