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Art of The Soul

Gaborone, Botswana

Partners A-E

Art of The Soul (Gaborone, Botswana)

Art of the Soul was created by members of the youth of Botswana who wish to see youth utilising thier artistic talents and grasping their responsibility as young men and women to play a part in their communities.


Our Objectives

  • To bring people together by using splendid colour, culture, music and creativity to draw people’s attention.
  • To create a network where messages and ideas can be exchanged quickly and efficiently by creating a website for interaction, displays of talents, creating a data base of information and profiles of the talent, expertise, and culture in Botswana.
  • To organize events for the youth and the community at large.


Our Projects

Every year we work on a range of different projects and every year we build on these by continuing them with a few tweaks as well as adding new projects to them.

Each project is unique and is tailored to benefit both the charities we work with and our artists. We aim to expose our artists to audiences and build up their repertoires. We try to expose them to other artists, especially the younger ones, in the hopes that they may learn something valuable about their chosen art and also find a mentor so that they don’t stray away from what is important or get taken advantage of. The Arts Industry is a very cut throat one and our first aim is to protect our artists and help them on their path to artistic freedom.

We also include our artists in our work with the different charities we work with. The giving back to one’s community is a priceless gift that we feel everyone should indulge in giving generously. We work mostly with children as they are the future of our land and if they are not growing up in healthy environments (in terms of their spirituality, mentality, physicality, sexuality etc) then we have no hope as a people to move forward. Raising a child, while the primary responsibility of his/her parents/guardian, is also the secondary responsibility of the community they live in. This is one of the messages we try to convey to our peers and other people around us. This is one of the primary reasons we exist.



Gaborone, Botswana