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ASD Welfare Trust

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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ASD Welfare Trust (Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan)

During the last few years, the incidence of autism has increased manifold in Pakistan, perhaps due to more awareness and diagnoses. At the same time, there are more cases now children with ADHD and Dyslexia, for which again, there is little awareness and remedial intervention. The ASDWT has been specifically set up to act as a catalyst of change, as it provides free counseling and training to parents, teachers, the police and community based organizations, so that a critical mass of trained people can be created to understand, help and support person with learning disorders and disabilities. 



Awareness and support for people with ASD



To develop a human resource base of experts who can provide support and services in education, management and training of persons with ASD and their families, and to create a conducive environment for their social acceptance so that they can achieve their full potential.



Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan



ASD Welfare Trust