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Austin Independent School District

Austin, TX, USA

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Austin Independent School District (Austin, TX, USA)

The Austin Independent School District is the heart of public education in Austin, Texas—a city of ideas and innovation that tops the nation's rankings of the best communities in which to work and live.
As of 2017:

Austin ISD educates approximately 84,000 students and embraces 130 diverse school communities in one of the fastest-growing, ever-changing metroplexes in the country. In partnership with parents and our community, AISD's mission is to provide a comprehensive educational experience that is high quality, challenging, and inspires all students to make a positive contribution to society. We partner with world-class universities, innovative businesses and nonprofit organizations and engaged community leaders to prepare our students for college, career and life.
As a district, AISD seeks to reinvent the urban school experience by preparing all students to graduate ready for college, career and life. We will continue to work toward an organizational culture that values each employee and provides excellent customer service to our students and families. We realize there are many educational choices for families today and it is our goal that Austin families make AISD their No. 1 choice.
AISD students have achieved their best performance under the toughest accountability standards in the state’s history. Graduation rates have reached an all-time high of 86.3 percent and the district has embarked on graduation plans designed to meet the dynamic needs of the 21st century. U.S. News and World Report ranks five AISD high schools among the best in the nation. And, the district has 261 National Board Certified Teachers—more than any school district in Texas.
AISD is a champion for every child and is committed to educating the whole child, offering families a portfolio of rich options and programs to ensure all students have the support they need to achieve their potential and dreams. AISD embraces the Community School approach, which recognizes that all children have the potential to meet high expectations in the right environment and that the entire community has the responsibility to provide that environment for all children.
Social and Emotional Learning First!
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a process for helping children and adults develop fundamental skills for life effectiveness. SEL teaches the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically. These skills include recognizing and managing our emotions, developing caring and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively and ethically.
AISD is a recognized leader in urban education and one of the first districts in the nation to commit to the development of the whole child by incorporating social and emotional learning. During 2015-16, SEL reached all 129 schools serving all of the district's 86,000 students.
SEL reaches beyond the classroom to all aspects of life. Skills and concepts are integrated in academic lessons and practiced to enhance the climate of the school. Out of school time provider and parents reinforce SEL skills as well.



Austin, TX, USA