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Bare Hands

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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Bare Hands (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Bare Hands helps reduce the struggle for mums, teaching coping skills, resilience and how to build long term sustainable relationships. Mums are the key to future proofing the generations to come from depression, anxiety and other mental health related issues. Therefore, we provide practical education resources designed for mums, clinically proven, strategic interventions for positive communication and conflict, better emotional regulation and improved health overall, which comes when stress is managed effectively.

We have developed the Bare Hands project in answer to the need we see as practitioners. On a daily basis woman come into our clinics struggling to cope with the demands of modern living. In many cases they are suffering because they lack essential strategies for managing emotions and are unable to communicate effectively. Overwhelmed and unable to model good coping strategies this leads to a domino effect on their family and other significant relationships.



Brisbane, Queensland, Australia