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BAYA India

New Delhi, India

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BAYA India (New Delhi, Delhi, India)

BAYA is an abbreviation of ‘Be As You Are’. Baya is also a bird which stays in a hanging, round-shaped nest. The bird is symbolic of freedom and independence. Freedom, we believe, is all about being who you are, as a person. Unfortunately, in the Indian society, women are constantly judged and controlled over the personal and professional choices and decisions they make for themselves. As BAYA- Be As You Are, we aim to spread the message across the younger generation that they don’t need to be apologetic about who they are. 



An open-minded society where educated, empowered, self-aware, fearless, confident and independent young women can freely exercise their equal rights, opportunities and freedom.



By providing self-empowerment programs, we create safe spaces and support networks for young women where they can share their life experiences, initiate healing and find creative ideas to solve problems.



Through immersive, hands-on and experiential learning programs, BAYA initiates self-empowerment in young women so that they challenge their personal fears and societal norms in order to realize their own self and their dreams.



New Delhi, Delhi, India