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Be Here Now Mindfulness

Marietta, GA, USA

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Be Here Now Mindfulness (Marietta, GA, USA)

When your mind is with your body, you are in the here and now. And if you meet this moment of awareness with curiosity, kindness and non-judgment, You are fully alive.


Be Here Now Mindfulness is dedicated to inspiring, guiding and connecting anyone who wants to explore mindfulness through both science and experience to enjoy better health, happiness, more caring relationships, and a compassionate society.

Be Here Now Mindfulness is based in Metro Atlanta and Marietta, GA founded by Jennifer Chase Finch, M.A., LPC, NBCC, Certified Mindfulness Instructor. I see mindfulness as a unique, practical and profound approach to social change, and my dedication to teach others in the community as a social innovation initiative. My classes and workshops promote individual wellness, healthy relationships, and a more mindful and compassionate community. Mindfulness is entering the mainstream and this presents an historic opportunity to transform ourselves, our children, our communities, our world.


My Mission

Be Here Now seeks to help connect the mindfulness community, taking research from the heroic efforts of the leaders in the field to all those new to mindfulness who seek to learn more. This site offers personal stories, news you can use, links to cutting edge research, practical advice, and insights that speak to anyone from novice meditators looking for guidance to corporate managers exploring new ways to cultivate workplace engagement and fulfillment. My classes and workshops teach effective techniques for mindful living, and are based in current neuroscience and psychology that points to their benefits.

Be Here Now Mindfulness offers innovative programs for children, adults, families, schools and businesses in the Marietta, and Metro Atlanta areas. My mindfulness programs help students cultivate attentional training and emotional regulation that can lead to a successful and happy life. My professional development offerings help reduce burnout and promote more effective, creative and insightful resolutions to conflicts and struggles within the work environment. I teach parents how to parent from a calm and compassionate place even amidst the chaos of raising children and balancing all of life.


With mindfulness, we have the capacity to change how we relate to the present moment. We have the power to choose how we respond. We can embrace our reality. We can live mindfully and consciously, instead of reacting from an ego run on auto-pilot that is making decisions from a fear-based, scarcity mentality. In this powerful ability to pause, we become more aware of ourselves, more aware of others and we develop greater compassion. From this cultivated mindfulness, we bring a more loving, healthy, peaceful, joyful and kinder way to living our day-to-day lives.



Marietta, GA, USA



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