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Beth Grossman

Brisbane, CA, USA

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Beth Grossman (Brisbane, CA, USA)

Beth Grossman is a socio-political artist, who uses art and text as a creative force to stimulate conversation and focus attention on the life-shaping force of religion and the power of social beliefs. – all aimed at raising awareness, building community and encouraging public participation. 

"All the rest is commentary" -- a Traveling Art Exhibit and Participatory Dialogue Project "All the rest is commentary" presents versions of the Golden Rule from 12 world religions, honoring cultural differences and searching for a shared sensibility. This artwork of large texts on tablecloths magnifies what is inherent in the phrases and searches for additional content and questions.

Grossman invites the public to join in an ongoing participatory performance project, Table Talk, to consider the Golden Rule as a primary tenet for our lives.

Another traveling art exhibit entitled “The Law of Seeds” is a Bill of Rights for seeds, scribed with a quill pen on eleven vintage seed bags that are also painted with images of the stages of germinating corn from seed to mature plant. This traveling art exhibit evokes an appreciation of the wonders of seeds and the importance of protecting this precious source of our food chain. Brisbane, CA was the first U.S. city to adopt this Law of Seeds as a Proclamation. As the exhibit travels, she hopes to encourage other cities to develop, adopt and enforce rights of nature.



Brisbane, California, USA



Beth Grossman