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Big Blue Marble

Newport Beach, CA, USA

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Big Blue Marble (Newport Beach, CA, USA)

Our mission is to provide educational and stewardship programs, books and interactive experiences for children to learn how to care about and protect our planet’s endangered species, underprivileged people and natural resources.

Giving children the opportunity to give small donations at an early age instills caring and taking responsibility for the world around us. They grow up empowered with the knowledge that they can be a productive part of solving our challenges. Our educational programs and hands on activities will give children knowledge about sustainability, increase awareness of philanthropy, and provide opportunities to work with other local and world organizations working for the same causes. The books and activities help develop self-esteem and social skills in children, as well as providing them with a means to create positive change in their world. Recent research has indicated that helping others may be a key to a happier life.

Many parents today struggle with ways to teach their children the importance of giving to charity. Yet many children feel a strong desire to help create positive change and would benefit from feeling empowered to do so. Marcheline Bertrand, founder of All Tribes Foundation and the Give Love Give Life organization, taught her daughter to care through example. Today Angelina Jolie is a philanthropist of note. Most children do not have a Marcheline Bertrand for a mother, but they can learn the same principles through programs like Save Coins for Causes.

Our books for children are user friendly, letting children know that they can start making a difference right now! They also offer ways for families to work together to support their favorite causes. Each book has our supporting organizations and their websites listed in the back of the book for further information and possibilities of being part of our world’s solutions.

We have reached out to many national and international organizations to join hands in a spirit of re-visioning and rebuilding the beauty and power of our beloved planet earth. We invite you to join us!



Newport Beach, California, USA