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London, UK

Partners A-E (London, UK)

Our mission is to inspire mindful living and sustainable life skills for those suffering from everyday stress, chronic pain or disability in the home and workplace. 

An eight week programme held for two hours, once a week, in a safe and confidential environment.

• It comprises interactive group activity and is not intended to be an individual therapy session.

• The class will learn new ways of understanding what manifests in our minds and bodies resulting from our busy and stress-filled lives.

• Together we will be working to become more aware of those habitual patterns of mind that influence our hearts and bodies to the point of exhaustion or illness.

• Discovering how the core skills we learn may be incorporated seamlessly into our busy lifestyle refreshes our relationships with partners and children.

• The course is designed to be simple yet as practicable as possible.

• Difficulties that you encounter will be supported by the health professional leading the group.

• We ask you to approach the classes and homework with a spirit of curiosity, endeavour and patience.



London, United Kingdom