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Brokering Goodness

New York, NY, USA

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Brokering Goodness (New York, NY, USA)

Kevin Tuerff and Norma Jean Young crossed paths while co-producing the first 24-hour global webinar for International Golden Rule Day (April 5). They are passionate about restoring common human decency across the world. 

Vetted through challenging life experience, they use their unique and combined expertise to develop solutions for business, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, tribal nations, schools, and governments.  

Brokering Goodness will help you and your organization to inspire positive change, build consensus or mediate disputes. Kevin and Norma Jean have a vast global network of experts to assist with this consulting. 

Brokering Goodness is a consulting practice of New York City-based Kevin Tuerff Consulting, LLC.  Contact us to request a free 30-minute consultation. 



New York, NY, USA