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Cape Town Recovery Film Festival

Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town Recovery Film Festival (Cape Town, South Africa)

The seed was sown three years or so ago when, ran a story about The Reel Recovery Film Festival in Los Angeles. An organisation called Writers in Treatment, a non-profit that helps creative’s get addiction treatment, had begun a Festival in LA a couple of years earlier and, had quickly grown to several locations around the U.S.A. With some encouragement from Reel Recovery’s success we began to investigate the possibilities of creating a Cape Town Recovery Film Festival.

In the meantime, the festivals main organiser, Dougie D had been screening various films as fund raising or awareness raising events for various causes and associations, The Story Of Stuff, Hazelden’s Bill & Bob, Happy – The Movie and Bill W The Movie all attracted a lot of interest filling various screens and spaces including The Labia Theatre and beyond, most recently The Rolling Stones Crossfire Hurricane sold out a special presentation night by Rolling Stone Magazine South Africa benefitting the 64446 charity.

Whilst all this activity was gathering pace a debutante film making crew from Connecticut were raising funds on Kickstarter and awareness on Facebook for a ground breaking documentary about Recovery called The Anonymous People, word of mouth, social media and pure excitement spun the film in the direction of CTRFF and the fledgling event began to take shape.

In another serendipitous exchange of mail, CTRFF were introduced to Free The Mind an amazing documentary concerned with change of a breathtaking kind, physical, emotional and spiritual – the epitome of everything recovery – conversations were had, virtual hands were shaken and Danish Documentary joined the CTRFF band! In addition to Free The Mind this gave the festival access to the highly acclaimed documentary Love Addict which will also be enjoying it’s South African premiere at this years CTRFF.

Of course this is just the beginning of the story, and in keeping with the philosophy of living in the moment, there will be more to tell, as it happens! Stay “tuned”, Don’t touch that dial – this is your Recovery frequency.



Cape Town, South Africa



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