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Casa Boas

The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

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Casa Boas (The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands)

Angelique Boas is the owner of Casa Boas, Shamanic Practice and Philosophy and Native Art.


Casa Boas has 4 pillars:

  1. Native Art / Shields of Prayer
  2. The Medicine Wheel
  3. Readings and
  4. The Teachings of the 13 Original Clanmothers by Jamie Sams


​These 4 pillars are rooted in our Earthmother.

Angelique offers private consults and works as a Shamanic Practitioner/Lightworker, Personal coach and CircleKeeper. She is initiating Grandmother and Women Circles and Shamanic/Creative workshops and she is an Artist/Creator of Native Art.

In everything Angelique offers in her work, in all Gatherings and Circles she provides, the Golden Rules of always respecting and never hurting anyone you meet on your Path are entwined as a red line. To always treat all peoples as we want to be treated ourselves.



The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands



Casa Boas



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