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Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba

Manitoba, MB

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Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (Manitoba, MB)

Our Communities of Service live the legacy of compassion and hope every day.

CHCM helps govern and sponsors a blend of over 20 distinctive health care, social and human service agencies (and their foundations) resulting in a network of organizations working across a continuum of care.


These are Examples of our Work

HEALTH ETHICS SERVICE CHCM funds a Health Ethics Service that recognizes that complex health care decisions are not easy. Ethical issues can arise, for instance, when a person is no longer able to make decisions or choices; when the benefits of continuing treatment are not clear; or when there is conflict about what is “best” in a given situation. An ethics consultation is designed to assist patients, families and health care providers to identify, clarify and work through ethical concerns.



The Compassion Project aims to nurture and strengthen our ability to be vibrant signs of compassion and hope. We believe that when people are given opportunities to develop the qualities of compassion, empathy and kindness for oneself and others, a feeling of purpose, meaning and connection results. Each Compassion Project offering is designed to influence the creation of flourishing and sustainable organizations that are person-centered and enhance our spiritual and communal wellbeing.

All board members, leaders, staff and volunteers of the Communities of Service are invited to participate in all Compassion Project initiatives.



Manitoba, Canada






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