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Cedar Lake

Louisville, KY, USA

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Cedar Lake (Louisville, KY, USA)

Cedar Lake is a private non-profit in the metro Louisville, Kentucky area whose mission is to offer highly compassionate, capable care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they may experience a life of abundant possibilities.

Cedar Lake is made up of three organizations which all have the focus of improving the quality of life of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Originally, Cedar Lake was defined as Cedar Lake Lodge, Cedar Lake Residences and the Cedar Lake Foundation. As time goes on, it becomes more and more apparent that each entity relies on one another, and that to the community, Cedar Lake is one effort. We have chosen to make a unified presence to the Cedar Lake families, our residents, donors and community members.

Cedar Lake functions under the advisory of several boards. Each board member brings expertise, individual motivation for providing the highest quality services and unique perspective.

Our community companions are also a large part of our mission, the reason for our high level of care and an integral part of keeping costs low for our residents. We are grateful for their commitment not to us, but rather to the residents we all love so much. If you would like to become a part of our community companion force, we’d love to have you.



Louisville, Kentucky, USA



Cedar Lake

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