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Ceeds of Peace

Honolulu, HI, USA

Partners A-E

Ceeds of Peace (Honolulu, HI, USA)

To help create a more peaceful, respectful, and just humanity. To teach adults how to plant the critical ceeds/skills of peacebuilding leadership around children and youth. For the purpose of enabling today’s young people to be able to help solve our communities’ greatest challenges when they are older. And, to pass these skills on to future generations.


What is Ceeds of Peace?

The overarching goal of Ceeds of Peace is to build strategic and thoughtful leadership skills, or “ceeds,” in adults who impact children—and in children themselves— to create safe and thriving homes, schools and communities. One of the features that makes Ceeds of Peace workshops particularly effective is a 360°, ground-up approach that looks to communities, schools, and families to be collaborators in problem-solving, jointly working through action plans that are tailored to them. The teachers, administrators, families and community members who participate in the workshops discuss their collective responsibility to help young people build the critical “C” skills:


C’s of Ceeds:

  1. Critical Thinking (Creativity)
  2. Courage (Confidence)
  3. Conflict Resolution (Calm Reactions)
  4. Compassion (Curiosity)
  5. Collaboration (Communication)
  6. Commitment (Care)
  7. Community (Civic Engagement)



Ceeds of Peace is a 360-degree approach to raising peacebuilding leaders. We support and build bridges between families, community leaders and educators to share resources and develop action plans to strengthen our communities and improve our children’s futures.

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA