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CEMYC Centro De Mindfulness y Ciencias de la Salud

Valladolid, VA, Spain

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CEMYC Centro De Mindfulness y Ciencias de la Salud (Valladolid, VA, Spain)

Center of Mindfulness and Health Sciences. CEMYC is a space were Mindfulness & Compassion based approaches are applied to different areas of human health, especially related to psychological health promotion, prevention and treatment. Different member teams are implicated in scientific research, and we enhance the dialog with the Buddhist contemplative tradition form the western psychology and health models. We believe in the need of enhancing a "care culture" from personal and professional areas. CEMYC also supports "Growing in Nepal" (Creciendo en Nepal) an NGO in Nepal (Katmandú) that enhances the development of Nepalese children potentials, as well as their educational and material needs.



Valladolid, VA, Spain



CEMYC (spanish)

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