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Center for Bangladesh Studies

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Partners A-E

Center for Bangladesh Studies (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

CBS is a nonpartisan, nongovernment, nonprofit, multidisciplinary research, advocacy and public education institution dedicated to infuse the social sphere with contextual knowledge and praxis aimed at impacting the overall discursive and cultural patterns in Bangladesh. Through progressive generation of ideas and actions CBS will continuously traverse a wide range of available as well as self-generated resources to arrive at new insights.

CBS is the first and so far the only citizens’ initiative/institution to have made a pledge to study the history, society, politics and culture in the context of of the changes that occurred in this region with special focus on Bangladesh and and its people. To advance on the existing discourses and to generate new ones CBS will explore avenues which are both traditional and contemporary to ensure a progressive Bangladesh.

At CBS, we are inspired by the peoples’ history of Bangladesh and achievements which often manifest in rhizomes and are connected to pioneers who still inflect our knowledge. CBS is guided by the people’s aspiration for a democratic and just society and is inspired by the struggles that shaped this region. By acknowledging and examinig the sites of the anti-colonial movement during the colonial era, and the subsequent modern-day movements such as the language movement, and the liberation war, CBS will continue to script its interventions.

CBS’ vision is to deepen our understanding and practice of democracy and justice as well culture and history in the context of a society/state in constant flux.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Facebook Page: CBSBD