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Center for Leadership in Disability

Atlanta, GA, USA

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Center for Leadership in Disability (Atlanta, GA, USA)


Our mission is to translate research into sustainable community practices that contribute to independent, self-determined, inclusive, and productive lives for people with disabilities and their families.


Vision and Values

We envision a Georgia in which all people, with and without disabilities, urban and rural, and of all races and ethnicities are full, contributing members of their communities. 

Our vision reflects our values of respect for all, recognition of essential human rights, appreciation of unique strengths and gifts, the importance of culturally competence in all programs and services, and an understanding of the positive contributions of individuals, families, and communities. 

We seek to be a bridge between the academic and disability communities, developing and sustaining mutually respectful partnerships, and building a legacy of leaders and programs that support our mission.



Atlanta, GA, USA



Center for Leadership in Disability

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