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Centre de Formation et de Rcherches Cliniques en Soins Spirituels

Montreal, QC, Canada

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Centre de Formation et de Rcherches Cliniques en soins Spirituels (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Concerned about the overall well-being of its users, the CHUM meets their spiritual and religious service through spiritual care needs. This service is composed of stakeholders who have a university specialized training and are integrated into the health care team. Stakeholders spiritual care (formerly known as "chaplains") regularly visit people in hospital to their provide support and spiritual support tailored to their needs. The spiritual guidance they offer is a great respect for the beliefs (religious or not) and personal values. The purpose of this letter is to help patients and their families to discover and use their spiritual strength to cope with the disease, to rekindle hope, allay fears or to seek sense of what happens to them.



Montreal, Canada



Chum Montreal



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