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Cercle d'Echange pour le Developpement des Juenes dans la Region des Grandes Lacs

Bujumbu, Republic of Congo, Africa

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Cercle d'Echange pour le Developpement des Juenes dans la Region des Grandes Lacs - CEDEJ-GL (Bujumbu, Republic of Congo, Africa)


In October 1993 a democratically elected President was assassinated in Burundi: Civilians of both Tutsi and Hutu ethnic groups began slaughtering each other: Day after day, the scene of violent massacres became the daily reality for Burundian civilians.

Youth have been used by political leaders to kill people.

Not more than a year later, in April 1994, a plane carrying late presidents Habyarimana of Rwanda and Ntagyamira of Burundi, while returning from the Arusha Peace Talks, was shot down not far from the Kigali Airport. Once there youth were used to perpetrate awful violations of human rights against civilians. There also, the country sank unto unmeasured violence which turned to genocide.

Furthermore, in 1996 and 1998, a war broke down in former Zaire, which was then called the Democratic Republic of Congo. Youth also joined the rebellions and were then accused to have perpetrated abdominal massacres against innocent people. Most of them were civilians.

During all these events youths have not been only perpetrators but also victims of various human rights violations:

Due to the aforementioned circumstances, unmarried mothers and young women were and are still victims of sexual-based violence.

Boys sank into drug addiction, and all of them were and are living in abject poverty which sapped their dignity. In addition, they are exposed to HIV/AIDS, and most of them cannot afford attending schools. The basic social-economic structures have been destroyed. Considering the distortion of relations during the wars, youths could no longer trust each other.

For these reasons a group of girls and some boys met and decided to launch this organization in order to find adequate solutions to their own problems.


Our Goals

  • Support young people in their march towards assertiveness and economic and political empowerment.
  • Act ion in concert with other social structures in the fight against juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking, and other forms of degrading and dehumanizing youth.
  • Give voice to young people, especially girls in the fight against the traditions, beliefs and degrading practices designed to deny their rights and freedom.
  • Facilitate and support young people in their civic participation and political involvement in the peaceful resolution of conflicts.
  • Raise awareness of young people in the fight against their exploitation by politicians and war lords to join the armed groups to commit acts of violence and mass killings in troubled times.
  • Alert, prevent and educate young people against devastating diseases such as HIV / AIDS and STIs.
  • Raise awareness of young people about the practices, techniques and mechanisms to protect the environment, biodiversity and sensitive ecologies.



Bujumbu, Republic of the Congo



Facebook page: Cercle Jeunes