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Character Scotland

Cupar, UK

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Character Scotland (Cupar, UK)

About Us

Character Scotland’s purpose is to support the development of children and young people’s character and values.


Our Vision

We want all children and young people in Scotland to develop as responsible, caring, ethical, successful and engaged global citizens: people who aim to Help others, get involved, do the right thing and do their best.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire others to share our vision for the cultivation of character and values in Scotland. By providing the necessary leadership and resources, we aim to inspire a national movement which will make this vision a reality.


Our Priorities

To realise our ambitious vision and mission we will…

  • engage the public and our stakeholders in the wider topic of character formation and development.
  • promote activities that develop positive character traits and values.
  • provide a platform for people to celebrate character and be recognised for achievements in developing character.
  • collaborate with schools, organisations, businesses and communities to create more character development opportunities for children and young people.
  • explore what currently works and what more needs to be done.
  • learn from children, young people, parents, families, teachers, youth workers and others who want to make a difference.
  • share our experiences and insights, everyday stories of character, values and inspiration and examples of fantastic practice in action.
  • empower others to take positive action to help develop character and values in Scotland



Cupar, Fife, United Kingdom



Character Scotland