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Child Connection Trust

Auckland, New Zealand

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Child Connection Trust (Auckland, New Zealand)

Touch is a Universal Language - Helping Children Prosper through Empathy and Love.



We're aiming at implementing Positive Touch into mainstream education. 

Closeness and belonging should not be a privilege but the universal right of every child. These two elements are vital for our health and well-being and can be manifested through loving touch.



Child Connection Trust is a registered non-profit organisation that promotes the idea of Positive Touch as part of a holistic approach to education. In our opinion education should include emotional, spiritual, social and physical elements (in Maori language this is called Hauora). 

Members of Child Connection have joined forces in order to provide children with an education as varied and balanced as possible. 

Child Connection’s long-term objective is to prevent social pathologies like child abuse, addiction, suicide, and family violence emphasizing the importance and values of holistic and non-intrusive methods of prevention.



Auckland, New Zealand



Child Connection Trust