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ChildHelp Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone

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ChildHelp Sierra Leone (Freetown, Sierra Leone)

ChildHelp Sierra Leone is a local NGO established in 1994

We are a registered organization, designed specifically to meet both immediate and long-term needs of impoverished and underprivileged needy children, their families and communities in need found in difficult circumstances.

We are also a formidable Child Rights Organization. We are involved in promoting juvenile justice by not only monitoring Child Rights violations, but also by giving free legal aid to children who are in conflict with the law as well as defending victims of Human Rights abuses.


The Images of Compassion Exhibit to Benefit ChildHelp Sierra Leone

The Images of Compassion Exhibit is a fundraising project sponsored by The Compassion Project: An Anthology and North Shore Community College to benefit ChildHelp Sierra Leone, an organization that supports African children.  The editors and curators of The Compassion Project: An Anthology invite artists and poets to work together and separately to create personal images of compassion. 

Compassionate paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, videos, multi-media works, and poems will be displayed at the North Shore Community College Arts Festival from April 27 to May 13 at the Danvers, Massachusetts campus. All monies received from submission and exhibit fees/donations, fundraising from silent auctions, and other fundraising ventures will go directly to ChildHelp Sierra Leone.

With the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in 2014, hundreds of children lost their parents and caretakers and CHSL is in dire need of aid. All monies received from submission and exhibit fees/donations, fundraising from silent auctions, and other fundraising ventures will go directly to CHSL

For more information on CHSL, please visit


The Creative Challenge

As the world is making its first steps in the information era, speed, breadth, and accessibility of communications is changing the way we relate to each other.  Values are shifting – our idea of success and merit are increasingly influenced by our popularity in the social networks.Our lives remain structured for sustaining the comforts we have as well as any inclination toward financial and social advancement.

Have the new realities deterred the restless human spirit and its need for community and good will?  Is the ‘selfies’ culture of today causing us to lose this restlessness? Or, does the freedom to connect with each other without limits, bring us closer? Is existential dissatisfaction and the spiritual need to connect with others still burning?  Where should we look for it? How should we ignite it?

We invite artists and poets to reflect on the essence of compassion and create intellectually and emotionally engaging artworks capable of inspiring compassionate thought. True compassion is a very personal thing, therefore we encourage submitters to approach this creative task with deep introspection and experiential involvement.  Our desire is to see compassionate artworks that transcend the obvious and engage the viewers on a deeper level.



Freetown, Sierra Leone