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Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony

Wonga Park, Victoria, Australia

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Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony (Wonga Park, Victoria, Australia)

Religious diversity is increasing in Australia. As people from a wide range of countries and cultural backgrounds start to call Australia home, we are faced with dilemma of how we integrate everyone into a harmonious society. Clearly, in this day, we are facing some major controversy around this topic and finding acceptance within it is vital for us to maintain our peaceful way of life.

“Let’s talk about that over coffee,” is a common phrase in our society. It is something people do from all walks of life, all backgrounds, cultures and religions. It is a way that people connect, learn about each other and find common ground. This is exactly what people were doing on 15th December 2014, when they walked into the Lindt Café on Martins Place, Sydney. The last thing they expected was a gunman to hold them captive. The gunman claimed he was doing it in the name of Allah. Sadly 2 innocent people lost their lives that day.

However in the aftermath something amazing happened. The #Iwillridewithyou response came. People refused to be “terrorised” by this event and instead responded in love and understanding for their follow Australians. A spirit of Religious Harmony swept the county. In honour of this, and with a passion to unite people of all religions and cultures in this country, I urge people to come together, over Chocolate and Coffee on the 15th December to make a stand for Religious Harmony. 

Wherever you may be, with your friends, families, workmates, groups or organisation, share together and start the conversation.



Wonga Park, Victoria, Australia



Chocolate and Coffee Day

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