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COB Media AB

Malmo, Sweden

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COB Media AB (Malmo, Sweden)

As a medical journalist I see myself as a translator and communicator. My number one task is to make the highly specialized and often difficult language of researchers and scientists understandable for the Swedish public/patients.

To improve medical awareness and understanding it is even more important in today’s Sweden; the number of immigrants are increasing and the many new Swedes are unfamiliar with the health care system and the medical thinking in their new land.

The health system in Sweden is generally good and available to us all, irrespective of private economy. However, the communication between doctor and patient can be improved.

The area I mostly cover right now is prostate cancer. After decades of slow scientific progress, new improved treatments and diagnostic methods are now being introduced. But still the medical profession eagerly waits for a reliable diagnostic that can help find prostate cancer in early stages and also help separate aggressive tumors from the dormant ones. To be on the safe side, many men prefer going through invalidating treatment. Estimated 20 percent of prostate surgery and radiation treatment are over-treatment.

An international expert in urology has engaged me to assist him in compiling a book on prostate cancer to be handed out for free. We are now in the final phase of writing. The book will be published during this fall.



Malmö, Sweden



LinkedIn: Carl Olof Borjeson



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