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Colegio Mirasierra

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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Colegio Mirasierra (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico)

In the south of the city of Monterrey at the foot of Cerro de la Silla surrounded by the beautiful view of our mountains, the Mirasierra School is an invitation to the development and full realization of its students.

Our beloved school has its origins in the firm and clear idea of ​​the Founding Members Mr. Adolfo Ibarra and Mr. Hernán Salinas to create an educational institution of high human and academic level that offers its services to the families of Monterrey.

As an institution we have adopted universal values ​​that foster social meaning and human quality:

  • Dignity reinforces the personality, rationality and autonomy with which people can shape and improve their lives by making decisions and exercising their freedom.
  • Respect is knowing how to value the interests and needs of another individual in interpersonal relationships.
  • Responsibility is the ability to reflect, administer, guide and assess the consequences of one's actions. Fulfill one's obligations and put care and attention into what one does or decides.
  • Solidarity refers to social ties and the feeling of unity based on common goals or interests.
  • Work is the execution of tasks that involve a physical or mental effort. Work has the objective of producing goods and services to meet human needs.
  • Social Commitment is a responsibility or obligation that members of the Institution have to generate a positive impact on society. 
  • Service must be disinterested, it does not pursue any kind of benefit, it must be intentional, it must achieve a positive and legitimate objective; and be justified.



Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico



Colegio Mirasierra