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Common Good Forum

Paris, France

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Common Good Forum (Paris, France)

The Common Good Forum represents an Initiative to bring together experts and practitioners in various fields to reconsider economics and other areas of human enterprise with an emphasis on the notion of the Common good.

This Initiative aims to empower people to engage in actively re-thinking economic, political and cultural issues for the benefit of the understanding of the global and local common good.

As a community, we collaborate to share perceptions on the common good, and shape a common vision for the governance of the Commons. This represents an excellent opportunity to share programmes developped in France at grassroots levels and with experts as well.

This forum aims to propose debates and to encourage best practices at grassroots level. It deals with the governance of the Commons as regards the notion of Common Good.

As a Bridge-Builder, the Common Good Forum promotes cross-cultural understanding and cooperation among local and global communities.


Glo-cal Forum

A Forum is a sphere for open discussion program. It involves discussion of a problem usually by several authorities and stakeholders representing the society and different issues.

The Common Good Forum aims to cover the interface between people (from various background) at global and local levels ('Glocal').

Indeed it remains crucial to set up small or bigger fora in order to bring thinkers and practitioners, from various background:

  • to share visions, deliberate, define consensus and possibly develop programs together.

  • to set up intercultural cooperation

  • to encourage intergenerational dialogue.



Paris, France