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Compassion Revolution

Adelaide, Australia

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Compassion Revolution (Adelaide, Australia)

A revolution calls for people to take action and make change. This is that call to action.

Compassion is not an emotion. Compassion is a state of mind that allows us to notice what is happening for people (ourselves included) and step forward with genuine understanding so that we can all flourish.

Compassion Revolution is a movement where we will learn from those who are creating a compassionate future. Compassion Revolution is so much more than a conference. In 2019 we will be launching a podcast, creating toolkits, delivering workshops, offering mentoring and coaching and building more compassionate communities. This is a place where we will all be inspired, learn new skills, develop new strategies and make a commitment to take action.


Compassion Revolution is for people who care.

We are inviting compassionate leaders to bring their wisdom and inspiration to the work of health, aged care and social good.

Compassion Revolution will also be a new kind of conference, where 350 people will gather to level up and support each other to create the compassionate systems and approaches we need, right now.


We need the Compassion Revolution now.

We are answering the clarion call for a social movement focused on human sustainability. Across the world the health and aged care workforce is facing major changes. We are recognising the physical, emotional and psychological toll our systems of care are having on those who work in them. Compassionate leaders create compassionate organisations.

The world is transitioning from an epoch of power and might to an age of care and compassion.



Adelaide, Australia



Compassion Revolution