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Compassionate Together

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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CompassionateTogether (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

What Is Compassionate Together?

“CompassionateTogether” is the vision.

The mission is to provide coaching, training, and education to individuals, couples, families, businesses, institutions, and helping professionals on how to be compassionate together.


We provide

  • individual, couples, and family coaching programs,
  • coaching and education to businesses and institutions, and
  • coaching to helping professionals.


What Is the Approach?

Compassion is the bridge for healing our ruptured relationship with self and others.

The approach involves education in how to be for you:  how to develop unconditional positive regard for yourself and then for others.  Coaching can be done online or in-person.

The nature of the human condition is this:  we are born for connection, and yet our natural tendencies move in direct opposition to successful connection.

We often find ourselves feeling “better than” or “worse than” others.

This comparison to others is the result of our ego.

The solution is to realize we have the human condition in common.  Understanding the human condition, how to “be a person,” live authentically and effectively, and manage differences in relationships at work and at home is what CompassionateTogether™ is all about!

We are all far more similar than different.



Pittsburgh, PA, USA