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Confluent Health

Louisville, KY, USA

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Confluent Health (Louisville, KY, USA)

Confluent Health is a Louisville, Kentucky-based private equity holding company focused on creating a healthcare system that recognizes physical and occupational therapy providers as the Best First Choice for preventing and managing musculoskeletal and movement disorders.

In November 2104, PT Development (PTD), Texas Physical Therapy Specialists (TexPTS), Fit For Work, Evidence In Motion (EIM), BreakThrough Physical Therapy (BTPT), and their related companies came together to form one common holding company, Confluent Health LLC.  In early 2015 ProRehab Louisville and Physical Therapy Central joined the family of companies.  

The decision to combine these companies into one common holding company has long been a long time goal of the twelve members of the ownership team, many of whom previously shared overlapping ownership of the individual businesses.  The founding members of Confluent Health are Keith Adamson, Chris Baker, Andrew Bennett, Larry Benz, David Browder, George Burkley, John Childs, Tim Flynn, Jeff Hathaway, Jon Sams, Tom Tobin, and Rob Wainner.
Confluent Health’s mission is to transform healthcare to more effective care one patient, one therapist, and one employer at a time. 

While Confluent Health replaces PT Development in terms of management services, there is very little change to the other companies, who continue to operate under their current names with their current CEOs and current employee structures. Together, these companies are committed to developing a learning, purpose, and coaching culture.

Confluent Health offers the following management services: evidence-based practice, patient loyalty, regulatory assurance, marketing and branding, clinic operations, hiring and retention, strategy, accounting and finance, and customer service.



Louisville, Kentucky, USA



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