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Connecting Dotz

Oakland, CA, USA

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Connecting Dotz (Oakland, CA, USA)


Connecting Dotz is a greeting card and gift company. To make fundamental connectedness more visible, we highlight words, images and values that unite us across boundaries.

In that spirit, we’re delighted to offer “In a Word”, a card line celebrating words from around the world. Each word has no direct English equivalent, yet expresses universal sentiment. Some of these words are endangered and spoken by just a few people. Others are strong and healthy.
All of them speak to our shared humanity.

Why words? It’s a poignant fact that half the languages spoken on our planet could be gone by the year 2100. When we lose a language, we not only lose a point of view, we lose traditions that connect people to place – and to each other. Our climate crisis isn’t just an issue of resource and species protection; it’s also about culture, because indigenous traditions and languages carry so much knowledge about how to live lightly on this earth.

Send these cards, and you not only keep these words in circulation – you support organizations that work to preserve traditional environmental knowledge and cultural diversity.

Speaking of traditions: Osani, The Circle Game, is an image that brilliantly embodies our core mission of nurturing connection. Simple, playful and evocative, it is a gentle reminder to stay in touch with the basics – an antidote to those busy days when core relationships and values get eclipsed by the pesky distractions of modern life.

So there you have it: fabulous words, and one picture worth a thousand. Welcome.



Oakland, CA, USA