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Corners Outreach

Peachtree Corners, GA, USA

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Corners Outreach (Peachtree Corners, GA, USA)

We believe strongly in the importance of compassion in the work that we do. We work with children and families to improve their education and economic opportunities. We partner with many organizations who are looking to make a change in our community and support people of all colors, ages, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. We work primarily with the low-income Hispanic population in northeast Atlanta and we believe that these people deserve dignity of work, opportunity for education, and a chance thrive as a family and be an active part of their community. We have been incorporating mindfulness activities and working on social-emotional learning as a new and important initiative.


Using a multi-generational focus, Corners Outreach is a catalyst for 100% high school graduation for students and improved career opportunities for underemployed parents.


Corners Outreach exists to transform students, parents and neighbors to reach God-given potential, break cycles of poverty and improve our community.

Communities thrive when each person is recognized, respected, and given a chance to live, work, connect with others and thrive.  At Corners Outreach, we work to empower peoples to live in a connected community and combat racism, bullying, discrimination and more.  

One of our guiding principle is a belief that each human has these rights: 

  • The right to be here
  • The right to feel
  • The right to act
  • The right to love
  • The right to speak
  • The right to see
  • The right to know



Peachtree Corners, GA, USA