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Nelspruit South Africa

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Counselling Services (Nelspruit South Africa)

Dr. Magda Rall has a PhD in Interdisciplinary studies (sociology and psychology) through the Open University in the UK. Her approach to the client or the ‘problem’ presented is therefore from a more sociological perspective than from a pathological point of view. In her journey with the client she will, if indicated that the ‘problem’ might be of a clinical origin, refer the client to a clinical psychologist.

In her Master’s thesis she investigated the emotional pain of the individual from various angles ( historical, philosophical, religion-based, and personal, etc.) While researching material for her PhD (2007) she explored the different reasons that contribute to the loneliness of the individual we encounter in life today. Of course, loneliness again gives rise to isolation and emotional and social pain.

In 2001 she completed a one-year study through the International Traumatological Institute in trauma counselling. As South Africa has a high crime incidence she became involved in counselling, especially the victims of farm attacks in the surrounding area where she stays in Mpumalanga.

From 2001 to 2007 she was employed as a student counsellor at a Tertiary College in Nelspruit where she became involved with the more contemporary problems the youth face today. She resigned in November 2007 and moved into part-time private practice while still attending to crime related trauma counselling in collaboration with Security Companies. 



Nelspruit, South Africa



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