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Cultural Infusion

Colingwood, Australia

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Cultural Infusion (Colingwood, Australia)

Cultural Infusion is a social enterprise that works in education, youth, communities and the arts to promote cultural harmony and well-being for a more cohesive and richer society.

11156155 990548267630991 8445292222991069014 nCultural Infusion is dedicated to promoting equality, social justice and encouraging a broader understanding of culture across our community for the benefit of all. Over the past 11 years we have worked with diverse tools to enable the greatest number of people possible to experience vibrant cultural and inter-cultural arts and social initiatives.

As an organisation that promotes inter-cultural understanding we have a strong belief that as a diverse society living in a globalised world the abi

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Our vision is a world that is culturally and socially cohesive that values the richness of our collective cultural heritage.lity to move between and respect cultures other than our native one is an invaluable asset for personal and community development.


Our Mission

To build cultural harmony and wellbeing through contributing to a society that:

  • values intercultural understanding
  • utilises its cultural richness to benefit society as a whole and
  • uses cultural and artistic expression as a means of promoting social cohesion


In achieving our mission we use a range of tools to engage, educate and entertain including:

  • Arts – projects, productions, events and concerts that promote intercultural interaction and understanding.
  • Community – projectsevents and programs that empower communities to work together.<>
  • Education – incursions, workshops and programs that provide students with experiences of culture and creativity that are designed increase intercultural awareness<>
  • Youth – programs, projects and events that encourage young people (especially those that are disengaged) to be healthy, active and culturally aware community members.



Colingwood, Australia