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Dallas Peace & Justice Center

Dallas, TX, USA

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Dallas Peace & Justice Center (Dallas, TX, USA)

America has always been a work in progress.

We have the privilege and the duty to create a more perfect union...a more just, more democratic, more abundant nation.

Amercia Will Be takes its name from the famous poem by Langston Hughes Let America Be America Again -- and it is an initiative dedicated to building bridges across political ideologies to defend what truly makes our democracy great. We will host stories that break us out of simplistic narratives, and offer ideas on how to build resilient, compassionate, thriving local communities.

The Charter for Compassion will serve as one of our primary guiding documents with all our work. Our first major initiative we will be spearheading is an interfaith solar project, to organize LA County toward compassion, kinship and a green economy.

Please join us and share your visions to heal and create a better America.



Los Angeles, CA, USA



America Will Be


Relationship to Other Charter for Compassion Sectors and Programs: education and city initiative