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Danya Daccash - Telephone Counselling for Women

Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Danya Daccash - Telephone Counselling for Women (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Danya Daccash

Danya Daccash, MSW is a cross-cultural feminist therapist, specializing in telephone counselling for women. Paired with mindfulness meditation techniques, this forms the basis of a precise therapy as well as a deeply connected and compassionate relationship with her international clients. 

With 25 years experience, she honours the unique experiences, challenges and needs that women face. Counselling with her emphasizes the health of the total person. She uses a holistic approach highlighting emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Her counselling style is eclectic and offers mindfulness and compassion practices to help her clients move toward peace and well-being. 

After working extensively in community services, including counselling at Sexual Assault Support Centers in Canada, she is offering a new Sexual Violence Healing Program through her private practice. This 10-week program will provide comprehensive support and healing to women who have experienced violence, while also serving as a compassionate and sustainable business model. Since the individual counselling and the support group are both virtual, this is available to women all over the world, allowing survivors to engage in a wide network of connection, support and compassion.

The Sexual Violence Healing Program is centered around a free virtual support group for survivors of sexual violence, based on the tried and true rape crisis center model. A select number of women can hire her for 10 weeks of individual tele-counselling and will be able to participate in the 10-week virtual support group for free. The support group will serve as a mutually supportive community and will also include education about mindfulness practices, compassion training, and the psychology of healing. In the spirit of generosity and community building, an additional spot in the Healing Program will be donated to a local Rape Crisis Center, where a woman from their waiting list will receive both the virtual support group and individual tele-counselling at no cost ($1500 value). 

Ms Daccash is committed to promoting compassion in the community, so as an online activist, she is a volunteer Event Coordinator for the One Billion Rising Campaign. Through her facebook page, she hosts the annual Online Event: ONE BILLION RISING REVOLUTION - Virtual RISE UP & DANCE FOR PEACE.  This campaign promotes compassion for women who are targets of sexual violence, and highlights the need to actively work towards ending gender-based violence. 

Why Tele-Counselling? 

Telephone counselling is private and confidential, and is more convenient than traditional therapy for many people, including those with disabilities, time constraints, or who cannot access quality counselling in their area. In addition to being convenient and accessible, research has shown telephone therapy can be as effective as in-person counselling.

As a Registered Social Worker with a master’s degree (MSW), she is able to offer Health Insurance Receipts. Many group and private plans include psychological or counselling services for individual counselling.



Ottawa, Canada



Tele-Counselling for Women

Facebook page: Danya Daccash



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