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DAVIS Association

Jassy, Iasi, Romania

Partners A-E

DAVIS Association (Jassy, Iasi, Romania)

The DAVIS Association deals with: 

  • creating programs, counseling and support events for people who have been victims of aggression or who have been traumatized;
  • designing and implementing humanitarian and social solidarity programs and actions, through volunteering, through donations (independently or in co-operation with other associations);
  • organizing counseling and psychological support for people in the social welfare system;
  • developing programs and projects of educational, cultural, artistic, ecological and educational nature in these fields;
  • developing activities to improve children's school performance, increasing creativity, self-esteem and vocal skills;
  • consulting and guiding young people in the process of adaptation in the transition from school to active life in the job market; 
  • carrying out psychological counseling activities; 
  • the realization of socio-professional projects and programs with compassion.



Jassy, Iasi, Romania