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Diákháló Alapítvány/YouthNet Foundation

Nagykanizsa, Hungary

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Diákháló Alapítvány/YouthNet Foundation (Nagykanizsa, Hungary)


A foundation for young people interested in Internet-based projects!


To support young people who run their own projects on the Internet, give them an opportunity to present their work, and/or interested in international Internet-based collaborative projects.
To give teachers and students an opprortunity to to meet each other, share their experience and start co-operation on their Internet projects
To motivate young people and give them a chance for their further personal and professional development
To enable young people from different European countries to compare and showcase their projects
To organise and coordinate the national edition of the international projects, hold conferences, give support to teachers and students

Bringing with us many years of teaching and organisational experience, we are responsible for disseminating and carrying out several international projects for young people. We provide help desk and advice to teachers and students.

We endorse the following international projects:

Junior Internet Competitions
Junior Web – competition of web pages and Internet projects
JuniorDesign – competition of webdesign and graphic projects
JuniorMobile – competition of applications for mobile phones
JuniorText – competition of texts about Internet
JuniorErb – competition of web sites for towns, cities and regions



Nagykanizsa, Hungary