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Don't Be Silent

Ridgefield, CT, USA

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Don't Be Silent (Ridgefield, CT, USA)


Our mission is to bring awareness of bullying through educational events. We are building platforms in communities across the country that encourage victims to not be silent but to speak up and reach out for help. Our voices can save lives.

Don't  Be Silent was created with the purpose of bringing awareness to bullying and its pervasive nature. We often think of schoolyards when we think of bullying. Unfortunately bullying is more insidious and hard to corral in just our playgrounds. Bullying goes much deeper into our social networks. It may start on the schoolyard but from there, if not dealt with properly, works its way to daily life. It surfaces in our workplaces, our court systems, our town councils and the political arena, colleges and universities, families and so on, but it's so surreptitious that it goes unchecked until there is an undeniable crisis, often fatal and marked by a suicide or shooting. Many of these incidents could and can be prevented. If we can teach that silence can be deadly, that  ignoring and turning a blind eye to behavior we know in our gut is destructive, if we can teach that speaking up can save lives and it is a strength and not a weakness, we can create a movement that will start to bring bullying and its sometimes fatal results to an end.

Don't be Silent is a movement that brings educational events to communities of parents, teachers, town officials, and all people who can make a difference in the fight against bullying, one community at a time. As a large unit, we can work in getting laws passed protecting against behaviors commonly noticed as rites of passage and not as malevolent acts that cause devastating consequences. The purpose of our Movement is to help create platforms in communities, enabling them to recognize those behaviors that lead to unhealthy situations and support those who need to feel safe in speaking up. We can make a difference. Join the Don't Be Silent Movement and be part of the solution in ending bullying.



Ridgefield, CT, USA