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Dr. Dietra Hawkins

Atlanta, GA, USA

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Dr. Dietra Hawkins (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Hi! I'm Dr. Dietra Hawkins.

For almost 20 years, I've had the privilege of using the letters behind my name to collaborate with individuals, communities, and organizations in an effort to create a more just and equitable world—starting within ourselves and our communities.

Wherever you are in your journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, I am here to help you identify and take the next steps.

I work with communities, small and large companies, churches, non-profits, and high-impact leaders who realize that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential for individual, community, and organizational health.

Rather than applying cookie-cutter solutions, I take a collaborative, research-based approach to design a plan that addresses your unique needs and empowers you to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout your entire organization.



Atlanta, GA, USA



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