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Drop Cigarettes

Orlando, FL, USA

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Drop Cigarettes (Orlando, FL, USA)

About Us

Here at Drop Cigarettes, we are a team made up of members dedicated to the fight against smoking and preventable death. We are an online community here to provide information and resources geared to help people quit smoking and take back their lives. Drop Cigarettes is an online portal of help and resources geared to kick the habit of smoking in a painless and simple manner. Quitting can seem like an unbeatable task, but have no fear the team at Drop Cigarettes is here to help!


Tobacco and it’s Dangers

  • Tobacco takes the lives of 6 million people every year worldwide.
  • Tobacco related risks cost over $130 billion dollars every year.
  • Over 400,000 deaths come from the United States alone.
  • Tobacco takes the lives of half its users in some shape or form yearly.
  • While tobacco use will never end completely, if we can help change the lives of individuals seeking help and guidance, then we will have made a positive impact in the fight against cigarette smoking. Building an online community for smokers to help each other quit and provide social and moral support is what we have created here.


Mission Statement

We are committed to providing free help, support, information, and resources for people with a desire or want to quit smoking. Our goal is not to push quitting, but to rather highlight the benefits and alternatives to smoking. Our free, trustworthy, and reliable resources will help you quit cigarette smoking forever if you decide to make the decision. We will be here throughout your whole journey of quitting smoking and feeling the satisfaction of improving your health while achieving a major accomplishment.


Vision Statement

We aim to be the best online support system geared to make dropping cigarettes painless and easy.



Orlando, FL, USA



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