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Gress, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Ecologisers (Gress, Scotland, UK)

We run anti-litter competitions for young people, and litter pick. We are committed to changing the image of litter-picking from a 'yuk' to a 'wanna-do' in the minds of young people through art, photography, music, creativity, humour and positive EcoSongs, EcoHymns and EcoCarols.

Our 2020 decade project is to popularise, publicise & promote the EcoSanta concept.The EcoSanta Competitions offer a unique opportunity for people to engage creatively with promoting, popularising and publicising ecological consciousness.  To take environmental concern into the areas of celebration, humour and broad-spectrum imaginative projects casts the future in a positive light much needed today.

Also, EcoSanta's mission - asking children, worldwide, to help him fill his empty sack with rubbish the rest of the year as a Gift to the Earth - gives Santa Claus the biggest role he has ever played in the hearts and minds of young children.  Transformed from a once-a-year chimney-top apparition to a daily presence in young lives.  Turning a commercial icon into a top-flight environmental champion.  An old mythology birthing into the now reality of the 2020's.



Gress, Scotland, United Kingdom