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Emerging Wisdom

Seattle, WA, USA

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Emerging Wisdom (Seattle, WA, USA)

Emerging Wisdom is dedicated to sweet moments of clarity and insight that help us find our way forward in times like these.  We are dedicated to important inquiries:  What happens as we are attentive to patterns emerging in our work and in the world?  What if we were to pause to notice what works and what is possible now, as well as what no longer works?   What happens when we welcome the sweet synchronicities, the signals and signs that occur in our everyday life, as gifts and clues for the road ahead?

These questions are invitations to a new way of being, new ways of working together, and new organizational forms.  Perhaps they are invitations to new levels of consciousness and understandings of what we are capable of as human beings, as organizations and as communities.  Helping us remember that we are resilient, creative, compassionate, and adaptive.

The field of my work and learning is a “laboratory of grace.” This site is dedicated to making visible the lessons from the efforts I am involved in and my own insights and inspirations along the way.

My hope is as we share our inspirations and insights, we will wake up a little smarter every day.



Seattle, WA, USA



Emerging Wisdom



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