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Empathy at Work

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Empathy at Work (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Empathy is the capacity to share or recognise emotions experienced by another. Join the movement that is changing the world from the inside out. Learn the practical skills that are part of 21st century leadership.

Create a culture of empathy in the workplace and you will:

  • Empower emotionally resilient staff
  • Increase staff retention
  • Build capacity to give and receive feedback
  • Increase willingness to deal with conflict constructively
  • Equip staff to be able to embrace change
  • Create deeper understanding of client needs


The Empathy at Work's In-house Workshop runs through practical exercises that can be run in any workplace. The core of the training is based on the theory that empathy can only be accessed through self-awareness. The theory is based on a 15-year personal journey into creativity, collaboration, social enterprise, activism, co-living and facilitation.

Empathy at Work founder, Carl Scrase, is an award winning artist, qualified facilitator and director of the Commonground Social Change Festival. He lives and works at Commonground Cooperative; an Australian social enterprise community established in 1984, which is recognised as being foundational in the creation of many of Australia’s top social change organisations. In 2012 he began intensive research into empathy, and was awarded a fellowship to study how empathy can spread in the biology labs at the University of Western Australia. In 2013 Carl partook in the acclaimed Groupwork Institute Advanced Diploma of Facilitation.

“Carl’s critiques were honest, insightful and constructive, but delivered with great care and empathy. Carl drew on his diverse range of skills to provide incredibly timely and helpful advice” — David Seignior, Director Melbourne Fellowship Program at Centre for Sustainability Leadership

“Carl has excellent communication and facilitation skills. He has a profound level of empathy; absolutely awe inspiring.” — Polly Matthews, Biodiversity Projects Manager at Corangamite CMA



Melbourne, Australia





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