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Encompass Psychology & Community Development

Moranbah, QLD, Australia

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Encompass Psychology & Community Development (Moranbah, QLD, Australia)

Working with schools, colleges and organisations Australia wide to create initiatives and programs that inspire sustainable growth and change in communities.

From Wellness programs to LifeSkills Sessions, Retreats & Reflection Days to Workshops & Training, Encompass is able to develop programs, provide staff training and facilitate events with your organisation.

Encompass Programs are written with your organisation and for your organisation, in order to meet the needs of your community.  Our consultants will meet with you (in person, via phone or Skype) and discuss the particular requirements of the proposed participant group (e.g. Year Level, Class Group, Focus Group) and collaboratively develop the Rationale & Focus of the program.  From there, the consultant will work with you to develop the program content, session by session.  Be as specific or general as you like - our consultants will help you ‘fill in the blanks’ and develop the program you have been dreaming of.  

Implementation of the programs are designed to take a tiered approach - the foundation level being program facilitation by our experienced consultants.  At the next level, staff from your organisation are trained to co-facilitate with the consultants.  The top level is intended to create a sustainable approach to program implementation in your organisation:  a team of staff from your organisation are trained to be program facilitators, and will ideally be able to run an entire program independently.



Moranbah, QLD, Australia





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