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Envision Kindness

East Lyme, CT, USA

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Envision Kindness (East Lyme, CT, USA)

Envision Kindness is a scientifically-driven non-profit with a mission to promote kindness, compassion, and connection on a population scale. and without the need for training. We do so through kindness media, which we create. Streamed into higher stress settings, like health care, schools, etc., the media helps stir the innate capacity and drive to care for others. Through that feeling, people are happier, calmer, more grateful, and more generous. They are also less irritated, sad, anxious, and stressed. They feel cared for.

The science behind this applied use of this specialized media is substantial. There is an attendant neurophysiology that has also been described by others. A way to experience this is to watch a short sample video:



East Lyme, Conneticut, USA 



Envision Kindness



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